Age 11
Residence Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Grade 2nd Dan
Favourite technique Back-leg roundhouse kick
Systems studied Freestyle Karate
Hobbies Karate, Drama and Running
Likes Dogs, Parties and T.V.
Dislikes Maths, Bullies, going to be early
Ambition To take over Cobras one day
Favourate Film Marmaduke
Favourite Songs Anything by The Wanted
Honours and Achievements Medals and trophies from Karate and my 1st and 2nd Dans


Huddersfield's premiere Freestyle Karate Club

Established in 1999
Extensive memberships
Karate classes for young and old

Huddersfield Cobras Freestyle Karate Club

Tel: 07798 685994 / 07867 597129
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Classes at:

Honley Community Centre